What is D●CIH?

DCIH, is the world’s first SIEM darknet dashboard for executives. No special software needed to access darknet. We do the work for you, and dynamically update in real-time black market offerings of products and services.

Why choose D●CIH ?

DarkNet BlackOps Intelligence is the only commercial cyber security company that can attribute our tradecraft and technology to the successful tracking, capture, prosecution, and subsequent conviction of threat actors.

Why monitor and analyze what is happening in the darknet?

Darknet is 25 times larger than surface web (deep web is 400 times larger). All cyber crime is rooted in the darknet.

How darknet can affect a business?

Brand equity loss, theft intellectual property, stock price manipulation, insider threat, activist threat, supply-chain threat, corporate espionage, state sponsored threat, critical infrastructure threat, classified information breach.

What is being exfiltrated from my organization?

Attackers do not discriminate against data. Attackers exploit all vulnerabilities

How do we locate our products on black markets?

DCIH is intuitive and dynamically updated in real-time for identification of every product offering on all black markets and threat actor offerings of data. Including every private underground forum, and chat logs from IRC, XMPP, ICQ.

Who are the threat actors that pose the greatest threat to my organization?

DCIH , maintains the world’s largest database of threat actors including all known aliases and legends. This is the greatest value to any organization as DCIH increases the opportunity for capture and prosecution of any threat actor by collaborating with law enforcement.