Proactive compliance or reactive complacency

DBI has unrivaled expertise on the Darknet, created by early market entrance, and has developed unique and novel capabilities, including proprietary solutions. Moreover, the culture of the Darknet, including reputation-vouching and discrediting untrusted, new entrants, enables DBI to maintain its market dominant position. DBI has a leverageable platform based on its presence and stature, and is market-ready to provide unique services, including training and knowledge transfer of tradecraft, sources and methods. Darknet intelligence provided by DBI is, by its nature in a new threat environment, a critical security capability that government services require for capacity development.


Intelligence collected directly from Human sources and their online content, as opposed to more technical intelligence collection disciplines such as Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). It is the oldest of all intelligence disciplines, and as such, it is applicable in every operational environment and against every threat – from the classically traditional to the wildly unconventional. HUMINT is arguably the most reliable and responsive intelligence collection discipline, because in the final analysis, human beings and their intentions are behind every action and every crime.
DBI’s CyberHUMINT methodologies provide your organization with preemptive, actionable threat intelligence collected directly from bad actors. A key advantage of DBI’s CyberHUMINT tradecraft application is its ability to collaborate with law enforcement and your organization.
Can your threat intelligence vendor execute criminal intelligence collection and evidentiary case management that enables the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of bad actors? DBI can and has. Time to rethink actionable, real-time threat intelligence.
DBI provides significantly more actionable threat intelligence and analytical value than conventional known-threat aggregation in dashboards or subscription feeds.



DBI maintains the world’s largest database of bad-actor profiles that include modus operandi, email address, geo location, last seen, length of illicit activity, known associates, and communications with associates and much more all updated dynamically in real-time. Other cyber security firms claim to provide profile analysis by “…monitoring hacker forums and underground networks for in-depth profiling of the common traits of cyber criminals.” These claims by others consist of only data scraping open hacker forums. DBI, on the other hand dynamically updates profiles directly from bad-actor engagement.

DBI’s CyberHUMINT profiling technology provides precise unknown and unrivaled insight to attacker(s) capabilities and scaled classifications of real-world threat assessments.

Algorithmic profiling of bad-actors categorizes them in only one dimension. Today's bad-actors diversify across a wide spectrum of criminal activities that could include trafficking hacking tools, malware, zero-day exploits, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Information (PCI), narcotics, and weapons to name a few - using different criminal underground aliases for each illicit activity. Out-of-the-box software and hardware security solutions cannot include these human variables for profiling a bad actor. Time to rethink out-of-the-box solutions for securing your organization’s most valuable assets.

Know Your Enemy - Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War

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• DBI can provide evidentiary support and expert witness for defense mitigation of your organization against a data breach class-action lawsuit. Additionally DBI, provides case-managed, cross-breach contamination evidence as a compelling factor of mitigation.
• DBI can also provide evidentiary support and expert witness for plaintiffs initiating data breach class-action lawsuits against negligent organizations.


• Does your threat intelligence vendor have a proven track record of law enforcement support for capture, prosecution, and conviction of bad actors?
o DBI: Yes Others: No
• Does your threat intelligence vendor provide preemptive, actionable CyberHUMINT bad-actor intelligence?
o DBI: Yes Others: No
• Does your threat intelligence vendor provide intelligence fresh from the wild, never before seen, and unobtainable by any other means?
o DBI: Yes Others: No
• Does your threat intelligence vendor try to sell you their latest out-of-the-box software or hardware that can be tailored to the needs they want you to believe you have?
o DBI: No Others: Yes


  • Today’s threat intelligence feeds are antiquated - not actionable.
  • Cyber criminals do not work alone.
  • The Deep Web is 400 times bigger than the Internet you know, and its subspace, the Darknet, is essentially an unchartered and lawless frontier.
  • The Darknet is NOT the same as Deep Web.
  • Product counterfeits are normal commodities transacted daily. Apparel, Artwork, Automotive Parts, Aviation Parts, Currencies, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, etc...
  • Hi-jacked products.
  • Capital markets securities price manipulation as a service.
  • Supply chain interception as a service.
  • Assassins for hire.
  • Hacking, DDoS, Ransomware, Malware, Trojans, Botnets offered as a service.
  • Endangered species parts.
  • Human organ harvesting, involuntary human experiments, human trafficking.
  • Weapons, explosives, ammunition, target schematics for planned attacks.
  • Passports, new identities, air travel, airport security contraband evasion as a service.
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The term “BlackOps,” short for “Black Operations,” is an integral part of DBI’s name to denote several key aspects of DBI’s unique mission approach:

  1. Black Operations are conducted under the cloak of strictest secrecy for the sake of national security. Similarly, DBI conducts its operations on behalf of its clients with the utmost of confidentiality, information security, and operations security.
  2. The adjective “Black” is often a connotation necessarily associated with conducting operations in the Darknet. As a corollary to its exclusive capabilities, DBI monitors and engages even the darkest corners of the Darknet to retrieve sensitive data and personal information for its clients.
  3. An agency that conducts Black Operations is often referred to as a “Special Missions Unit.” Special Missions Units are characterized by exceptional dedication to professionalism and mission accomplishment and as a result, they are often called upon to operate in areas of expertise far exceeding that of conventional units. Accordingly, all personnel assigned to such units are carefully assessed, selected and trained. DBI has adopted this philosophy in its approach to client service and in the selection and training of its operatives.