Only situational awareness generates situational response

Disruption and Counter-Disruption from DBI are proprietary that no other cybersecurity firm offers. DBI Darknet intelligence is gathered via a significant number of live ‘lenses’ in the Darknet. We monitor and engage black market vendors, and cyber underground forum members in all languages, 24/7 worldwide. We learn, many times daily, of assets for sale whether credit card numbers, medical records, customized exploits, etc. Upon identification we alert those compromised immediately for the necessary remediation measures required. Disruption and Counter-Disruption engagement are provided by either retainer based or project based pricing. We focus our efforts on:

First of its kind capability having National Importance

The Darknet, with its TOR-architected anonymity, has emerged in recent years – with acceleration in 2014 – as a grave threat to government and industry. Globally, law enforcement has been slow in responding to the threat; whereas criminal, terrorist, drug traffickers, money launderers, and others, have capitalized on an insufficient government counteraction to seize a strategic advantage. Government must therefore quickly respond to develop capacity to deter, investigate and prosecute illegal and threatening activity that is rapidly exploding on the Darknet. In contracting with DBI, it is vital for government authorities to acquire the most reputable and elite vendor to ensure that the government's capability is properly launched.